James "Jim" Copper

Vice President

The Wilmington Healing Center is a member of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening and a Commissioned Ministry of Zion (Glory of Zion International).

WE ARE A  NON-PROFIT... COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN HEALING CENTER... Healing for the whole person... Body, Soul and Spirit!

 The Wilmington Healing Center (WHC) is a non-denominational Community based Christian Healing Center! 

WHC ministers to the whole person, body soul and spirit, focusing on the all aspects of healing process. Healing can be instantaneous and at times a process we must walk out, we agree to following the lead of the Holy Spirit.  

The Wilmington Healing Center sees a great need, within our communities, for both the individual and the family unit to receive healing!  It is our Hope to assist those that are seeking, lasting life change. By providing them a safe and nurturing environment for growth, through love, inner healing counseling, worship, prayer and biblical studies. Structure, responsibility, training, accountability, mentoring are among the tools that we will provide for those individuals and families whom desire a life of freedom from the world that has kept them in bondage.
Our Community needs more  "SAFE"  places where individuals can come without a financial burden, feeling judgement, or added labels and stigmas and find total wholeness and true identity. 
A place where they can learn to be in the world and not of the world!

The Wilmington Healing Center is working to establish a relationship within the community as an alternative to hopelessness.

Sandy Bell the Founder and Director of the Wilmington Healing Center has a passionate heart for those whom are in the battle with ADDICTION! Sandy Has been working with and alongside of those whom are in this battle for over 31 years and driven to see a movement to see these "SET FREE."

Wilmington Healing Center provides a safe place for inner healing to work with those in areas of broken heartedness and oppression. We believe that God is on the move to reveal His Glory and we will witness the miraculous healing power of Jehovah Rophe, our God that heals. It is our goal to work alongside of the Medical Community as an alternative method of Healing. 

We believe that Lord uses doctors to heal people. 
The Great IAM, Creator of Life and all things, Our Loving Father, El Shaddai is still in the business of forgiveness, restoration and healing His family.

The Wilmington Healing Center is an Apostolic Training Center training and equipping people for ministry. WHC networks with all community resources providing our clients with basic life skills, education opportunities and job skills so that they return to the community as productive members of society. WHC works with our local pastors and leaders to direct or re-direct people back into the church and discipleship ministry’s and programs to equip them for their destiny. WHC is a resource for pastors, teachers and community leaders, we are here to help, encourage and assist in spiritual growth within our community.

The Wilmington Healing Center will assist in transitioning broken lives from the world to kingdom lifestyle! It is the vision and desire of the Wilmington Healing Center to work alongside of area pastors and their churches, ministries, businesses, schools, the medical community and our community leaders to provide assistance in bringing  healthy change to our city, to our region and to our nation and even to the world.

Jim Cooper has a USC Education Degree,Widower, married 23 years, Former Deacon & Elder Myrtle Grove EPC, trained/released VMTC Prayer Counseling, He sat on the Board of Director Fellowship of Christian Athletes for 10 years. He has formerly served on the Overseer Board – The Refinery a local church. Jim was also a business owner and has managed a Technical Sales Territory for 36 years. Jim was a Scout Master for 7 years, has 4 sons, 3 of which are Eagle Scouts as well as coached for 14 years – various sports. 

Jim Cooper currently serves on the Wilmington Healing Center Board of Directors as the Vice President!

Soo Kim-Godwin completed the Healing Ministry graduate program from the Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission (ACTS) in Korea. Since 1997, she has been teaching in School of Nursing, University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Meet our Staff

Sandy and her husband, Jimmy Bell are residents of Wilmington, North Carolina. Together they share a vision for total healing and restoration, for those hurting and broken in our community.

Sandy, a Licensed Minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. She is a graduate student with CHRISTIAN HEALING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, A Global Awaking School, with Randy Clark and accredited through United Theological Seminary of Dayton, Ohio. She is a certified as a Specialist Practitioner in all three areas, Physical Healing, Inner Healing and Soul Care and Deliverance, she is also certified as a Master Equipper in these healing ministries. Sandy is also a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers.Sandy is a graduated from Wilmington School of the Spirit. Sandy served as a Celebrate Recovery Ministry leader for nearly 6 years (2008-2014). 

Sandy and her husband are partnered with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, and have a heart for Kingdom Community!   Sandy has vision for Wilmington, and will serve southeastern North Carolina in several faucets, most importantly as a Community Healing Center.

Charles "Duke" Lineberry is a practicing Attorney at Law in Wilmington, NC since 1985, Duke has served on the New Hanover County of Education (1994 – 1998), as well as other non-profit boards in ministry in the Wilmington area.

Duke serves as an elder on staff at Myrtle Grove Evangelical Presbyterian Church and enjoys his time and opportunities to raise up young men to know the Lord.

Duke Lineberry places the Lord first in his life and secondly his beautiful wife Jennifer.

Duke currently serves on the Board of the Wilmington Healing Center as the President and chair person.

Carman Poindexter is the founder and director of MPAC, Mothers Praying for Adult Children. She challenges moms everywhere to stop enabling their children and seek personal healing and wholeness through their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

She professionally works as a office manager and bookkeeper her in Wilmington North Carolina. Carman also serves on the Board of the Wilmington Healing Center as the Treasurer!

Who We Are...

Many faces, one faith.

We are a diverse group of believers – bankers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents  – united by our shared faith in a loving God. 

Wilmington Healing Center

A Ministry of Glory of Zion International and member of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening

Carman Poindexter


Jimmy Bell is a third generation Wilmingtonian, he loves this community and loves it's residents! Jimmy currently is employed with New Hanover County Schools. He shares in the vision of healing with his wife Sandy and has been her greatest support during her training and activating the Wilmington Healing Center.

Mr. Bell  has served as a Deacon at Myrtle Grove Evangelical Presbyterian church. He has also served in several Celebrate Recovery groups and facilitated positions as outreach coordinator, assimilation coach and currently the Wilmington Healing Centers Celebrate Recovery ministry leader.

His heart is to see our city and it's residents whom struggle with addiction become completely free from the bondage of substance abuse! Jimmy has never met a stranger, everyone always feels welcomed and loved when he at this Celebrate Recovery!

Sandy Bell was a business owner for 14 years, and is currently a Oradined Minister through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. A graduate student with CHRISTIAN HEALING CERTIFICATION PROGRAM, A Global Awaking School, with Randy Clark and accredited through United Theological Seminary of Dayton, Ohio. She is a certified as a Specialist Practitioner in all three areas, Physical Healing, Inner Healing and Soul Care and Deliverance.  Sandy is also a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers.

Jimmy Bell

Celebrate Recovery

Ministry Leader

Sandy Bell 

Founder & Director.

Meet our Board of Directors

Charles "Duke" Lineberry

President &  Board Chair

Soo Kim-Godwin


Sandy Bell

Founder Seat